The Education Committee helps students financially with their studies and exams. We stay in close contact with our recipients and see them at our annual Students Social. From time to time we receive letters from the students and even their parents.

Below are some examples, including mothers of our former students showing their appreciation, and a letter of Thanks sent from St. John Bosco Boy’s Home, Mandeville to the IPP, after the Theater Night in January 2012


Dear: International Proxy Parents,

I am honoured to be a recipient of the International Proxy Parents for the past years. Thanks to your generous support I was able to complete high school and got a diploma.

In a less privileged society it is difficult for a child with great potential to move forward due to financial difficulties but you all have chosen to assist me and for that reason I’m truly grateful. Each school year my parents do not have to worry about school fee because you all have paid it for me and I really appreciate your help. Nelson Mandela once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” To be given such a big help it motivates me to work harder so I can achieve my goals and to play my part in changing this world.

Furthermore, every year I can look forward to attending a social kept by the IPP at various places and it is very thoughtful for this programme to host such an epic event because every beneficiaries from numerous schools are able to interact meaningfully with each other as well as meeting the IPP board and feasting on some delicious treats. This is surely an event I will miss.

In closing I just want to say that I really appreciate everything this programme has done for me and now that I will be moving on to another journey in life I promise to continue let the flame of success burn through me. Hopefully I will become a part of the IPP board in the future to give back to students in need.

Kevanese Peak, Jamaica


Dear Friends,

Thank you for the things that you do nice for us (The Bosco Boys).

We accept your sudden friendship towards us. We love and pray for all of you.

Thank you

Bryan Reid & Bosco Boys
St. John Bosco Boy’s Home
Mandeville, Jamaica



We loved the play Hercules & ALL the food. The time was nice too.

Blessings for the new year.

Sr. Mimi Krusling RSM
St. John Bosco Boy’s Home
Mandeville, Jamaica


Dear Madam,

On behalf of my entire family, I would like to thank you for your continued support of my daughter over the previous academic school year and this year also. I really appreciate the assistance you have given XXX with paying her fees and purchasing other required school materials. I do thank you with all my heart for aiding us through our times of difficulty. God bless you.

Christine D
Hanover, Jamaica



I write this letter in appreciation to you and the rest of the IPP family for your kind support throughout my sixth form years at school. Even so, for the last academic year … I was awarded $10,000, in which I am thankful for.

Similarly, for this academic year …, I have been awarded $53,700 to fulfill my scholastic needs. Truly, the IPP family is working arduously by investing in education of young people, tomorrow’s future.

Certainly, your kind support for the past and this academic year is of great upliftment from poverty. Once again, thank you.

David B
Hanover, Jamaica


How Can I Say Thanks

How can I say thanks for numerous years of support I have received from the International Proxy Parents (IPP). This group of wonderful individuals have been helping me from when I was a second form student at Wolmer’s High School for Girls and now I am a fourth year medical student at UWI. Their continued support throughout this time period has been more than greatly appreciated.

I am from a family with a very humble background. I recall after passing the Common Entrance examinations from St. John’s Primary School to go to Wolmer’s High, how excited I and my family were. My poor mother had just enough savings then to pay my first school fee, which at the time was $6,000. When it was time to pay the second fee my mother did not have it as it had previously taken her many years to save the $6,000. Yet, she did not give up. Through the guidance counsellor at the school she was told about cost sharing program and introduced to the IPP.

That was a blessed day as since then my school fees were paid and I was able to attend school without missing many days because of not having any lunch money. Through IPP’s help I proceeded to fifth form where I did my CXCs.

With your help as well I was able to complete two years of sixth form at Wolmer’s High. From there I moved on to the University of the West Indies. While being there I was able to meet Professor Asemota for the first time. She had been my proxy parent throughout my years at Wolmers.

Kingston, Jamaica


Dear Madam:

Once again I take great pride in extending greetings to you and members of the International Proxy Parents. Your significant, overwhelming and immeasurable deal of work cannot go unnoticed.

It is with this I must say Thank You once more for your assistance last year, but more so the immense help you have provided with this scholarship for 2011-2012. I am filled with enthusiasm and indeed extremely appreciative of this major help you have granted.

Therefore, I continue to shine the torch which the IPP has lit, towards the journey of success instilling hardwork and dedication in this tenure. Again I say a heartfelt Thank You to you and all at the IPP and continue to be of significance in the lives of others. Thank You.

Sheena C
Hanover, Jamaica



I would like to express sincere gratitude to you for having my daughter in your deepest thoughts and in such, providing this massive help to her.

As such, I would like to say a heart felt thank you and may you continue to be prosperous in lifes journey.

Marsha P
Mother, Jamaica


How can I not say thanks …

I lost my dad at the tender age of 13 years old to a motor vehicle accident which resulted in my mom being left as the sole provider for the family. It was very difficult as she was unemployed and was not able to give lunch money on a daily basis to me and my other two siblings. However, bus fare was not an issue as I lived in walking distance from school.

My friends often brought me lunch and at times I was assisted by some of my teachers. However, my mom always instilled in us the importance of sacrificing and satisfying which she said were key ingredients for success.

I was selected to sit three subjects in fourth form where I obtained two grade twos and one grade one.

In fifth form, I was recommended to sit seven additional subjects however, my mom had difficulties paying for them. Some of my teachers were aware of my plight and brought my case to the school administration who then leveraged support from IPP on my behalf.

The support was timely and much appreciated as it gave me the chance to realize my dreams of going to sixth form. Thanks be to God, I obtained all seven subjects (four ones and three twos). However, my heart was shattered when my mom suggested that I should seek a job as she would not be able to afford the fees for sixth form.

However, one of my teachers indicated that he would intervene on my behalf and as a result I was again supported by IPP throughout sixth form.

How can I not say thanks as this investment in my education inspired me to go on to higher studies. Again Proxy Parents stepped in and gave me a grant for three years which assisted with my fees while studying at the University of West Indies.

Today, I stand as a proud graduate of UWI with a BSc in Political Science and Management Studies (Double Major) and a MSc in Government. I am also an ordained Minister of Religion.

Today I say thanks to IPP for the investment made and because of the investment made in me, my sister and I have started a scholarship foundation in memory of my dad and my mom (who passed four years ago) to assist needy students in schools from our personal funds.

Denise A
Kingston, Jamaica



Congratulations are very much in order for the International Proxy Parents (IPP) on reaching this important milestone. The Jamaican educational landscape has been greatly improved by your presence.

My story may not necessarily be unique or very different from that of the countless number of students who benefited from the remarkable work that the IPP has been doing and the significant impact that this organization has made in the lives of youths of Jamaica over the years.

I hail from a large family of fourteen children and though I excelled in school, my family experienced tremendous financial challenges. I recall that my mother had to skillfully manage the family budget to buy our texts from the little amount designated for groceries and ground provisions. She always felt that having our resources for school was important, therefore, we were yearly customers of the two second-hand book stores in Spanish Town, St Catherine,

While I had my books, there were other pressing needs, some of which were identified by my teachers at Merl Grove High School. Thus, in 1993, I was referred to the IPP in my fifth form year by the then principal, Mrs. Barbara Martin. I became a recipient of the generous support of the Proxy Parents who undertook the payment of my CXC examination fees that year. This was a tremendous relief to me and my parents as the possibility loomed that though I was an achiever in school, there was a great chance that I would not have been able to sit these exams because of the financial difficulties. Mrs. Monica Wells, our school’s liaison, became my second mother. She ensured that after I was successful at the CXC examinations that the IPP’s support was continued for my tenure at sixth form.

After sixth, I matriculated to The University of the West Indies, a feat which had been alien to my family. My understanding at the time was that the IPP sponsorship should have been terminated at the fifth form, but my fellow recipients and I had done so well that year in gaining spaces at UWI, that the IPP sponsorship was extended to cover these years.

To finish this story, I graduated with a BSc. degree in International Relations with honours. Then, in 2000 I returned to my alta mater as a member of the academic staff. There were other studies along the way, however, my most recent accomplishment is being called to the Bar to practise as an attorney-at-law. For me, thanks to you, the sky is the limit.

It is amazing what time, dedication, vision and monetary investment can do in the life of a person. So, I dare say, gratitude is an understatement of the sentiment that could be expressed to the hard working and self-sacrificing members of the IPP who have made such a profound impact and investment in my life.

Thank you

Nicola E
Kingston, Jamaica


Merl Grove High School

As promised in our conversation last week, I have compiled the list of Merl Grove High School that have benefited from the kind hospitality and financial support of your organization:

Between 1992 and 2015 there have been 16 students.

As a school we would like to congratulate you and your organization for thirty five (35) years of sterling service to humanity and especially in the area of education. We wish for you many more productive years as you continue to touch the lives of our young people.

Mrs J D-S
Kingston, Jamaica


If you have a story to share with us then please send us a message with the details, expressing that you are happy for it to be publicised (we will endeavour to retain your anonymity)