IPP has a 12-person non-remunerated Board of Directors; every member of the Board has a specific function. Reporting to the Board are three standing committees: Education, Community Projects & Administration

The Education committee is mandated to help children who are doing well at school but whose parents/guardians are unable to provide the required financial support. Our sponsorship includes payment of school fees & examination fees and in some cases, transportation and lunch. For the academic year 2010/2011, we were able to meet the needs of 63 students from 18 schools in Jamaica. A students’ Social was arranged earlier this year at the Nigerian High Commission, allowing the entire group of members the chance to meet and interact with the majority of the students we sponsor

The Community Projects Committee continues to give financial assistance to various childrens homes, hospitals and schools around Jamaica. There has been lots of activities for the children in the year 2010-2011, to name a few, the Christmas Treat held at Hope Gardens, the Theater Evening held for the children to see the musical ‘Fame’, the monthly birthday parties held at Glenhope Nursery, and a special visit to Glenhope Place of Safety. Our members have given a lot of love, support and time to the children of Jamaica and we intend on giving them more in the future

Along with these outings and activities held for the children, and smaller fund-raising events, we hold an annual International Bazaar in November. This is a lively event, featuring booths representing various diplomatic missions in Kingston, who display and sell arts, crafts, foods and other items, unique to their country of origin. In November 2010, participating countries included Argentina, Chile, China, Ecuador, Jamaica, Japan, Nigeria & Russia. Other activities included: a Raffle, Tombola, White Elephant, IPP Booth, a Fashion Show by Robyno, Capoeira & Tai Chi demonstrations, African dancing, Japanese haircuts and fun with crafts and music at the Children’s corner. The Bazaar is one of the most important IPP fund-raising events of the year