The International Proxy Parents (IPP), is celebrating its 35th anniversary this year, and I am happy to report that its Mission remains the same today, as it was 35 years ago, when the club was formed, and that is “to give assistance to the less fortunate children in our society who need help”.


Messages of Support
The Patron Minister of Youth and Culture
patron minister
Her Excellency the Most Honourable
Lady Allen
Hon. Lisa Hanna
The African proverb, “It takes a village to raise a child,” has indeed remained relevant even in this constantly evolving world. Its potency cannot be denied when one examines the partnerships that must be forged in our communities in order for our children to be trained in the way they should go.
We believe that our “village” has an integral role to play in molding the minds of our children so that they will influence stable families, communities and nations of tomorrow. Thirty-five (35) years ago, The International Proxy Parents (IPP) recognized this and ever since, you have been effectively executing your role as a partner that embodies the true “village” approach to shape the minds of our children.
Through your heightened interest in funding the wholistic development for the most vulnerable, you have been successfully fulfilling your mandate. Your commitment to joining hands in
solidarity regardless of your diverse nationalities is commendable. You have shown that through people, performances and sincere partnerships our “village” can raise Jamaica in attaining its goal contained in Vision 2030 to empower children and youth to achieve their fullest potential.
We are encouraged by and thank you for your devotion to our children and the positive influence which the IPP has had on so many, including those in state homes.
Continue fulfilling your role as a partner in this “village” in which we exist.

Happy 35th Anniversary!

The Ministry of Youth and Culture is supportive of the International Proxy Parents an organization whose activities are aimed at caring for children and their protection. Your organization’s mission and commitment to help and support children in Jamaica is commended and applauded by the Ministry of Youth and Culture.
In our society today, we all must recognize that parenting is not only dependent on the support offered by biological parents but we need other members of the community and support groups like international Proxy Parents, to offer guidance and support through programmes which strengthen the growth and development of our children.
Children need extra care and protection from adults and community groups to keep them safe and ensure that violence and abuse is not a part of their daily lives. Special attention must
be given to those children who are most vulnerable; from broken homes, those who are in need of financial assistance and those at risk of being hurt or injured. Keeping children safe is everyone’s responsibility.
We encourage all stakeholders to adopt this mantra and partner with us to motivate our children towards being their best selves and developing into successful adolescents and teenagers. This will form the positive foundation that influences how a child views and embraces his community, environment and surroundings.
So I applaud the International Proxy Parents in their mission to relieve poverty, suffering and distress among the less privileged children in Jamaica and to provide financial assistance for their education and well being. We are grateful for your effort and activities which epitomize the tenets of goodwill and selflessness towards nation building.

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