The Education Committee sponsors children from the following schools:



  1. Kingston College
  2. Jamaica College
  3. George’s College
  4. Hugh’s High School
  5. Convent of Mercy Academy Alpha
  6. Kingston Technical High School,
  7. Dunoon Technical High School
  8. Calabar High School
  9. Wolmer’s Girls School
  10. Andrew High School
  11. Ardenne High School
  12. Holy Childhood High School
  13. Merl Grove High School
  14. Queen’s School for Girls


  1. St Hilda’s High School


  1. Knox College


  1. Ruseas High School


Each school is assigned a Liaison Proxy Parent Member, who communicates with the Guidance Counsellor at their respective school, and gets a list of students who are bright, but in need of financial assistance. Four students are selected per school, and their Auxiliary Fees, and when needed, Examination Fees are paid until they graduate. The Liaison Members keep in contact with both the student and Guidance Counsellor to monitor the student’s progress, and to give any further assistance that might be necessary.


Each year in March, the students are invited to a Student’s Social arranged by the Committee, which gives both student and Liaison the opportunity to socialise. This event is held either at the Residence or Office of an Ambassador or High Commissioner, the idea being to expose the students to other cultures and broaden their horizons. This year the Social was held at Jamaica Defence Force (JDF)Headquarters on South Camp Road . The students and IPP members were provided with refreshments and tours to the Military museum and Air Wing. They were addressed by Sergeant Sean Huxtable on behalf of the JDF.


The funds raised by the International Proxy Parents come mainly from our Annual International Bazaar, which takes place in November each year. This used to be held at the Wyndham Hotel, but has now moved to the Pegasus Hotel. We are well supported by the Diplomatic Missions which sell items from their various countries and donate the proceeds to IPP’s projects. We also hold small fundraising events throughout the year.


Picture below from one of the Students Social Events

Student Socials 1

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Our annual projected budget for these activities is approximately $1,500,000.00