Financial Assistance given to Children’s Homes and Basic Schools, annually


BEST CARE CHILDREN’S HOME 11 Trevennion Road, Kingston 5

This Home has 40 children and adults, both male and female.

These children are mentally and physically challenged and unable to take care of themselves.

The contribution covers swimming lessons, horseback riding and music classes for the children.

These activities are considered therapeutic for these children.


GLENHOPE NURSERY 89 Maxfield Avenue, Kingston 13

This Home has 50 children, boys and girls, whose ages range from birth to 8 years.

These children either have no parents, or the parents are not able to take care of them. Some might be abused and have to be taken from the parents. At age 8, they are sent to another facility.


CPC has recently completed a Project to erect a roof over the children’s play area at the Nursery, at a cost of J$ 3,380,460.00, with assistance from the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany, which was the major sponsor, along with other sponsors from corporate Jamaica. CPC also purchased and installed a 40 ft Container, to store items from two rooms, which were freed up for use as a sick bay and nurse’s office. A CD player and Radio were also donated for the children’s enjoyment.


Members host a monthly birthday party for the children celebrating birthdays during that month. This is eagerly looked forward to by all the children. Repairs are made to furniture and bathroom facilities as necessary.


MAXFIELD PARK CHILDREN’S HOME Unit 1, 89 Maxfield Avenue, Kingston 13

This Home has about 80 children separated into groups. CPC has adopted Unit 1 which consists of 14 boys, ages 10 to 18. They all attend regular schools, and we purchase their school books each year.

We also purchase items of furniture when needed, such as mattresses, sheets, stoves or refrigerators, and undertake necessary repairs within our budget.



There are about 60 girls at this Home, most of whom have behavioural problems, either with their parents or the law. Their ages range from 12 to 18.
CPC has provided the girls with sewing machines, computers, sports equipment and T Shirts. We are in the process of starting sewing and music classes with the girls. One of our members already does cookery classes with them.


St. ANDREW SETTLEMENT Majesty Gardens, Kingston 11

This is an inner city basic school with about 80 students, ages 3-6. These children live at home with their parents, but some of them are unable to pay the school fees, or provide adequate meals for the children. The school tries to fill this gap by providing breakfast and lunch for those children in need and unable to pay fees. The school therefore has to depend on outside assistance to survive. This is a worthy cause, and our last contribution was used to purchase a much needed printer for the school.



This school has about 30 students, ages 3-5, and is in a rural area. The school is located on a hill and was having water problems, so CPC donated a water tank to help to solve the problem. We also donated a computer to the school and had to grill both the window and door of the room in which the computer was placed. We donated a refrigerator and stove so that lunches could be prepared and cooked for the children. We try where possible to meet the needs as requested. The latest request is for a jungle gym play set for the children.



We undertook a tiling project at the Nursery at Maxfield Park Children’s Home. This involved the dining area, the kitchen and the children’s bedrooms, and was done with a grant from the German Embassy. We subsequently carried out some minor repairs to the doors and roof of the Nursery building, but the building is in need of major repairs.



These are:


A theatre evening when we take 100 children to see a play, performed by members of the Jamaica Junior Theatre Company


An outing to the beach at Christmas or Easter


A visit to the Zoo


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Our annual projected budget for these activities is approximately $1,000,000.00