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Founding & Mission
The International Proxy Parents (IPP) is a registered non-profit organization founded in 1980 exclusively for the purpose of charity and incorporated in Jamaica under the provisions of the Companies Act. Our patron is Lady Allen, the wife of the Governor General of Jamaica.

Our mission is to relieve poverty, suffering and distress amongst those children in Jamaica whose lives we touch and to provide financial assistance for their education and well being.

A special feature of IPP, is the diverse nationality of our members. Membership comprises of Jamaicans, persons from the diplomatic community as well as expatriates who volunteer their time and expertise. The richness in cultural diversity, values and attitudes, unleash the power of human charity that characterizes IPP.

Members meet on the first Wednesday of each month, except for January and September, when we meet on the second Wednesday of the month. Generally, meetings are held at the residence of members who take turns to volunteer hosting the gatherings. Our financial year runs from July to June, and we hold our Annual General Meeting in June, at which time we elect our Board of Directors for the ensuing year.

Members and directors do not receive remuneration. The IPP accounts are professionally audited each year and submitted to the Registrar of Companies. Audited statements are also presented to the membership annually while monthly financial reports given at each meeting. All costs associated with holding these meetings as well as all administrative costs are covered by an annual membership fee. Therefore, income generated by IPP through fundraising or through donations all goes to charity.

Standing Committees
The Education Committee operates based on the philosophy of total education for the benefits that accrue not just to the individual child but to overall national, social and economic development. We currently focus at the secondary school level and presently provide sponsorships to students in 17 schools island-wide. Awards are based on established criteria including clear need, academic excellence and community service. Candidates are referred by Guidance Counsellors in the schools and awards are based on the Education Committee and Board decisions. For these students we pay auxiliary and examination fees and purchase text books where necessary. Each student is assigned a mentor from amongst the IPP membership for the duration of our sponsorship.
We also hold a Students’ Social once per year, generally in March, to which we invite all of those students who have been sponsored. The last social was hosted at Up Park Camp.

Community Projects
The Community Projects Committee is concerned with the welfare of children residing in state homes and special care institutions in Jamaica as well as facilities at selected basic schools.

IPP does work in five of the state homes, aiming to enrich the lives of the children by interacting with them in a meaningful way. For example, we take them on outings to the theatre, the zoo and to the beach and generally expose them, where possible, to life outside of the institutions. Where funds allow, we also address some of the shortfall in the amenities and staff numbers provided by the state. Income generation projects are also supported at institutions for older children.

This committee arranges IPP’s monthly meetings and organizes activities to foster friendship among our members and encourage an appreciation of the people, history and culture of Jamaica as well as that of our different countries of origin. It is also responsible for publishing the membership directory.

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Our major fundraising event
This takes the form of an International Bazaar in November of each year. Many of the diplomatic missions in Kingston have been the primary participants in the Bazaar throughout the years. They participate by taking a booth and by selling cultural items and cuisine from their respective countries. The proceeds are then donated to IPP for the work that we do.

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The IPP Legacy
Community Service is critical to human existence, and as we at IPP reach out to Jamaica’s nation builders of tomorrow, we hope to pass on the value of Community Service, the qualities of social responsibility, making a difference in the lives of children and the future of Jamaica. We invite you to be a part of this demanding but exciting endeavour.

Becoming a member
To learn more about IPP and how to become a member, please email the President at:

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