IPP’s Easter Beach Treat

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International Proxy Parents (IPP) held it’s Easter Beach Treat for over 70 children and their care givers from state-run Homes in Kingston & St Andrew, on Wednesday, April 19, 2017 at Fort Clarence Beach. The children spent all day, swimming, building sand castles, playing tug-a-war games and enjoying the tasty food and refreshments provided by members of IPP’s Community Project Committee (CPC)

Each year, with the approval of the Child Development Agency (CDA), the CPC organizes trips to the Beach and to the Theatre for children from Homes across the island, so as to enhance the quality of their lives. On the other hand, IPP’s Education Committee focuses on providing scholarships for bright high school students who need financial help. This year they disbursed over $1 million dollars to 45 students in 17 high schools across the island.

IPP is a charitable organization, formed in Kingston in 1980, to assist less fortunate children in Jamaica. If you are interested in finding out more about our work please visit www.internationalproxyparents.com.

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  1. Cecelia pryce

    Its was great pleasure to have help and played with the younger children at fort charence, is was awesome to see the love and attention and support that each child was getting. May god continue to bless each staff.

  2. Marie

    Many thanks for your kind comments Cecelia Pryce. We are mostly retirees who are taking the time to “give back” through our work assisting less fortunate children in Jamaica. If you are interested in supporting our work, please give us your email address and we will be in touch. There are so many more children that need our help.

    President, IPP

  3. Cecelia pryce

    Thank u Marie for responding back I send my email address The experience was very great and it touch me very deeply to such great work of giving back especially in the Caribbean. It had an impact on me. I. Was please to kn that I was on vacation and was able to have helped with the children on the beach, may god continue to bless each and everyone that’s involved with the care of the children and continue to guide and protec

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