Our mission is to relieve poverty, suffering and distress amongst those children in Jamaica whose lives we touch and to provide financial assistance for their education and well being.



Dear Madam:

Once again I take great pride in extending greetings to you and members of the International Proxy Parents. Your significant, overwhelming and immeasurable deal of work cannot go unnoticed.

It is with this I must say Thank You once more for your assistance last year, but more so the immense help you have provided with this scholarship for 2011-2012. I am filled with enthusiasm and indeed extremely appreciative of this major help you have granted.

Therefore, I continue to shine the torch which the IPP has lit, towards the journey of success instilling hardwork and dedication in this tenure. Again I say a heartfelt Thank You to you and all at the IPP and continue to be of significance in the lives of others. Thank You.
Sheena C
Hanover, Jamaica


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