Birthday Celebration Shindig Fashion Show May 28th, 2015


Here is what has been happening recently at IPP:
*Students Social!! on Friday, 4th of April 2014

Lady Allen addressing high school students sponsored by the International Proxy Parents (IPP) who attended an IPP Students' Social in the gardens at Kings House recently. Others in the photo are Mrs Peju Wilson (2nd left), President of IPP, Mrs Pauline Lindo, IPP Member and Dr Norma Anderson, Chair of the IPP Education Committee. The high school students who were from Merle Grove, Ardenne, St Andrew High, Knox College, St George's College, St Hilda's, Donoon Park, Ruseau's High, Wolmers Girls and Alpha Academy were accompanied by their Guidance Counsellors.

More IPP awardees and their guidance counsellors who attended the IPP Students' Social.